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“London's Trafalgar Sq has Nelson, Edinburgh's Princes St has Sir Walter Scott and Belfast has Queen Victoria outside City Hall. Dundee's City Sq, on the other hand, is graced – rather endearingly – by the bronze figure of Desperate Dan.” (Lonely Planet) 

  • Scotland's Creative City

    Dundee is the birthplace of the legendary Grand Theft Auto game and most recently the city has been put on the map as it opened the new V&A - Scotland's first design museum. It also has a stellar art and design faculty at the University with colour and creativity displayed throughout the city. 

  • A Must-Visit

    Dundee was recently listed by both Lonely Planet and The Wall Street Journal as one of Europe’s must-visit cities. With friendly locals and an abundance of attractions including museums, bars, restaurants, exhibitions and festivals, there’s much to see and do.

  • Sunshine Capital

    Dundee regularly boasts more hours of sunshine than any other Scottish city - around 1426 hours each year. Bonus point: they have a sandy beach! Broughty Ferry is only a 15 minute drive away from the city centre. 

  • BOHO loves...Dundee!

    We’ve taken a dive into the city, its history and culture to share some interesting facts you may not have known about Scotland’s sunshine capital...

  • What does 'BOHO' mean?

    Where did the idea for the brand come from and what does it mean?


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