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Scotway House's Top 3 Glasgow Parks

Our Top 3 Glasgow Parks

The days are getting longer, and Spring is on its way! The Scotway House team have put together some great Glasgow park recommendations to help you stay active and sociable. It’s time to get out in nature and explore new places!

Meet up with a friend, grab a coffee to go and a ‘cheeky wee pastry’ as a reward for hitting your step goal and enjoy a walk in one of Glasgow’s amazing parks! This is what we look forward to at the weekends - the new going out-out for us.

As a result, we have discovered several parks that are not Glasgow Green or Kelvingrove Park because, let’s be honest, we have walked through those parks so many times that we could probably do it blind folded! Plus, it’s good to get a change of scenery!

Here are our top three alternatives:

Queen’s Park

Queen’s Park is in the southside of Glasgow with lots of amazing local cafes and bakeries en-route. The park itself is well paved so trainers will be fine for this walk. There is a pond where you can watch the ducks and swans swim by and it is popular with dog walkers too, so you can catch a glimpse of cute dogs. Now for our favourite part – the flagpole! There is a slight gradient hill to reach the top, but it is so worth it as it overlooks the city centre. The views are simply stunning!

Pollok Country Park

This is a 40-minute walk from Queen’s Park. Leading up to the park you will see some highland cows in the field along with some deer and horses. The perfect park for animal lovers! You will also see Pollok House within the grounds – it gave us Victorian feels, very grand and royal. The park has beautiful surroundings, gardens and not to mention it is the largest park in Glasgow, spanning 146-hectares! We recommend taking some boots or wellies as it can get quite muddy depending on what season you visit.

The park is also home to one of the greatest art collections ever amassed by one person, William Burrell. It consists of over 8000 objects, some of which are priceless. The Burrell Collection is set to re-open this Spring after undergoing a huge refurbishment.

Linn Park

Surrounded by the suburbs - Linn Park is the second largest park in Glasgow. This is more of a peaceful woodland/riverside walk. There are various trails that you take on this walk. The route we took was the main riverside and we would recommend wearing wellies. We were almost knee deep in mud! At the end of the route, you will notice a water fall with a bench perfect to catch the scenic views while resting and enjoying a bit of lunch.

Get a friend on board, grab your walking shoes and let the adventure begin! If you have any hidden gems of your own, please share them with us because we would love to discover them.

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PS. at the time of writing this blog we are currently in lockdown so please do not travel out 5 miles from your location.