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Scotway House Study/Coursework Guide

Who else is struggling with finding the motivation to study during these uncertain times? It is easy to get distracted especially when living in student accommodation with social areas and your friends staying under the one roof. That is why we have created this study guide, so you do not fall into the trap of a never-ending mountain of coursework!

First, planning/time management is key:

  • Lists, Lists, Lists - Make a list of absolutely everything you need to do even things like cleaning your room rank the tasks A, B or C priority. A is urgent, B is important, and C is less important can wait. You can then decide how you are going to tackle them and make yourself a plan for the week. It really helps take away the worry of what you need to do and give you structure and plan to tackle everything.
  • Little and often - As soon as you get an assessment open a word document and type the title. You can then add little parts to it after each lesson and that way you have basic notes for when you sit down to write it.    


  • After a lecture condense your notes into bullet point, it helps to reinforce key ideas and will aid revision later
  • Some people find mind maps a really good way to study. Pictures help your brain retain the information.
  • To study for a test record yourself & listen back to the information when you are doing other things to reinforce it in your mind.
  • Making up acronyms for a list of terms you need to remember is useful. Like in school when you need to remember the little phrase for the order of the planets.
  • Use flash cards with questions on one side and answers on the other to test yourself.

Help with staying focused:

  • No distraction - Turn off your phone or leave it at the other side of the room so you are not tempted to check it and get distracted.
  • Timer – Time yourself and say I am going to study for 20 minutes uninterrupted. Then you know after the time is up you can have a short break. It helps to stay focused.
  • Rewards - Use rewards to help motivate yourself, it can be anything small. E.g., I will have a hot chocolate once I complete this lecture or I will do a face mask once I get all my tasks for the day done.

Remember to take a break from studying as it is important to make time for yourself. Small things such as going out for a breath of fresh air or connecting with family/friends can make a difference.