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Glasgow Named Best City In The UK For Millennials

Glasgow has been named the best city for to live and work in, according to new research by credit rating company Totally Money.

“Millennials seek locations that are fun, forward-thinking and affordable.”

The research looked at 63 UK cities and assessed them on various aspects including job opportunities, the cost of living, property prices and leisure activities/entertainment.

The report also considered weekly earnings, graduate job prospects and employment rates, number of business start-ups, the cost of a coffee, gym membership and the percentage of ‘remain’ voters for the UK’s European Union membership.

“People Make Glasgow” is the city slogan. Its inhabitants both local and foreign love to live up to that reputation and celebrate its status as one of the world’s most friendly cities. It’s a metropolis of historical architecture, modern quirky landmarks and plenty of free museums, galleries and glorious green spaces. There is an abundance of great restaurants and cafes, and it's pretty famous for it's nightlife with award-winning clubs and bars for all of you night owls!  

BOHO are delighted to be opening our first student residence Scotway House in this influential metropolitan!

Here are the top 10: 

1. Glasgow
2. London
3. Aberdeen
4. Liverpool
5. Bristol
6. Gloucester
7. Southampton
8. Cambridge
9. Cardiff
10. Middlesbrough


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