BOHO Logo 沖文

BOHO Brand

Our CEO and Founder, Craig Inglis, came up with BOHO from the words ‘Bolthole’ - a place where our residents can co-live; co-work; be empowered, and ‘Bohemian’- which complements our personality of wanderers, adventurers and the unconventional.

From student to hotel, to our residential experience, BOHO takes our vast knowledge of the market and makes it our own. With an eclectic nod to design, our flair for creativity and an enviable amount of talent in our teams, BOHO strives to make life simple and do things the right way from the start.

What about our logo? Flamingos are social animals who live in a community. There is no hierarchy - they live in harmony with each other. Flamingos stand out in a crowd and brighten up a room. This represents our brand and our community-driven ethos.



Explore our first student residence, Scotway House which is taking Glasgow by storm! 

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