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Our Process

We aim to ensure we provide the best possible service to everyone who comes through our door.

BOHO is a home from home for all our students, we want you to feel you can talk to us about anything that is not as expected, so let’s make this simple too.

If there is something which is not quite as it should be we want to know about it, so we have made this easy to follow document to help you should the need arise.

What might it be that has made you unhappy?

  • A service which was not as expected
  • A member of the BOHO team who has behaved inappropriately
  • Failure to provide an expected service
  • Failure to follow the ANUK code of standards

There are a few things which we suggest are better dealt with at site, rather than going through our complaint’s procedure, for example;

  • You may have a situation of antisocial behaviour involving another student
  • You may be requiring something fixed and have not reported it through our system
  • Maybe you require some help with your tenancy

If you have an ongoing issue external to BOHO i.e. a dispute with your university, we would not be able to intervene

Who can complain?

  • We will accept a complaint by you directly
  • From anyone affected by antisocial behaviour arising from the accommodation
  • As long as we have your written authorisation to communicate with, we can accept a complaint on your behalf, from a family member, guarantor, or friend

How do I complain?

  • As soon as you are aware of something you are unhappy with we strongly recommend you raise with the accommodation team straight away and they will do their utmost to resolve the problem
  • You can also complain via, email or telephone
  • Please give as much information as possible, including your full name, flat number and contact email, telephone number

Do I have a time limit?

  • The quicker the better to enable us to resolve your problem
  • We would expect to hear from you no later than 4 weeks after the reason to complain has arisen, however we also understand that is not always feasible for many reasons
  • We would in exceptional circumstances listen to a complaint after the 4-week period if there was a valid reason for the delay in contacting us

STAGE 1 Complaint

Our on-site staff are best placed to resolve and close your complaint quickly.

This could mean an on-the spot apology, an explanation if something has clearly gone wrong and immediate action taken to resolve the problem.

If the complaint is not straight forward, we may need some time to investigate before fully responding. We will give you a response within 5 working days unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Only complaints about the most senior member of staff working at your accommodation will jump straight to Stage 2 of our complaint’s procedure.

STAGE 2 Complaint

Stage 2 deals with complaints not resolved at Stage 1 or a complaint about the behaviour of the most senior member of staff working at the accommodation.

To ensure your complaint is dealt with by the appropriate person we ask that you email your complaint to: we will require to investigate therefore this will take up to 10 working days.

Please provide the following information:

  • Your full name
  • The full address of the accommodation you are living at
  • The person who responded to your initial complaint
  • The key points of your complaint
  • What has been done in response to your complaint
  • Why you are unhappy with the response you have received
  • What you believe should be the resolution to your complaint

STAGE 3 Complaint

Stage 3 will be escalated to senior manager level, however we will only progress with this stage if you are able to demonstrate we have not followed procedures and not corrected the failure or issue which initiated the original complaint.

If you continue to be dissatisfied with the outcome;

For failures to correct a breach of the ANUK Code of Standards you can make a complaint in writing to: The National Codes Administrator c/o Unipol Student Homes 155-157 Woodhouse Lane Leeds LS2 3ED Or email: 


University Housing Advice Centre • Student Union Housing Advisor Citizen’s Advice All will provide you with free advice and guidance.